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3dpics4u is a website primarily dedicated to bringing you, the viewer, a breathtaking 3d view of the world as you’ve never seen it before, in full glorious natural colour! We hope to “take” you to places you may have only dreamed about and to places even your wildest dreams could never imagine - without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home.

To enjoy our site at it’s best you will need a special pair of glasses, these glasses prevent the right eye from seeing what the left eye sees and vice-versa. The twin images seen through the glasses are matched together by your brain which then registers them as one 3d image, just the way we see normally day to day. They can be purchased  from our shop at a cost of $tba Or £tba (GBP) including postage, packing and local (UK)  taxes. One pair is provided free of charge to paid up subscribers to our site, subsequent pairs at the above rate. Our images can be seen without the special glasses but most of us would find this method uncomfortable after a while, but for quick views this is the technique.

To prevent the left eye from seeing what the right eye sees and vice-versa you must practice focusing cross-eyed. You must look cross–eyed at the  second image below and you will then see 3 images, the 1 in the middle is the 3d one which has been formed by your “Minds eye”

Example of parallel viewing.




Below is the same shot only the left and right images have been swapped over.

Look  cross-eyed to see in 3d.

When cross-eyed you will see 3 images the one in the middle will be 3d. You may click on the "view" button on the top line of your browser and zoom repeatedly to make the image fit the screen., When the website is fully developed this will be done automatically to fit all size screens.


If you would like to contact us please call   UK Mobile  07831 629007.


August 2011